Summer Walks 2017

Aug 16th:  The Markets Area

Saint Michaels Graveyard located behind River House which can be seen in the background.

Tony speaking to the walkers about the perimeter of the City Wall which ran along the same line as the gate of the Milk Market.

Mungret Street

Broad Street

July 12th:  Thomondgate

Thomondgate:  Part of the large crowd who joined our historic walk on July 12th

Kileely House:  Walkers listening to Tony Browne speaking about the former historic residence which is now a Learning Hub. (July 12th)

May 17th:  O'Callaghan's Strand

Historian & author Thomas Toomey describes the events of March 6th 1920 when Mayor George O'Callaghan was assasinated by the Black & Tans from outside his former residence on O'Callaghan's Strand which was subsequently renamed in his honour.. (May 17th)